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  • What is this exactly?
    Tempel Tuttle is a digital footwear brand that exists in metaverses. We create footwear for the discerning avatar, and each pair we make is a limited-quantity NFT. We make a range of items that can fit your avatars in Cryptovoxels, Sandbox, and Decentraland.
  • What do I receive if I buy a pair?
    You receive limited-quantity NFTs in your digital wallet, registered on the Blockchain. This means you can put the footwear on your Cryptovoxels, Sandbox or Decentraland avatar as you please, or you can re-sell or trade them if you want. It's up to you. Please note, because metaverses are not yet inter-operable for wearables, the items you buy can only be used in the individual metaverse. For example, Decentraland boots can be used in Decentralnad only, not Crypovoxels or Sandbox. As technology changes and more inter-operability works, we will stay at the forefront of that innovation. Ideally we want you to be able to bring your pairs wherever you go.
  • Is everything sold by the pair?
    For Cryptovoxels yes. Given the way their system works, we built separate .vox files for the left foot and the right foot. Specifically molded for each foot is a better look than one generic file on both feet. You buy them as a bundle, or pair. You get (2) .vox files for each pair purchased. We do not sell these as a singles. For Decentraland, you buy the pair as one NFT. The pair will fit each foot as you'd expect.
  • What avatars are you compatible with?
    Cryptovoxels, Sandbox and Decentraland. Please note this does not imply you can use the items interchangeably. Cryptovoxels wearables work in their metaverse, Decentraland wearables in theirs, and Sandbox in theirs. We intend to be available with more avatars over time, and hope technology evolves so that you can bring these across metaverses with you.
  • What is a digital wallet?
    This is where you store all the digital items you buy. It keeps your purchases safe and in your control. For a more detailed explanation: What Is a Digital Wallet? (
  • What is Blockchain and why do you use it?
    Think of it like a record-keeping database of things you own across virtual worlds.
  • OK, I'm going to buy a pair.  How do I put them on my avatar?"
    After you've purchased, log-in to your Cryptovoxels account, go to Costumes / Wearables and follow the instructions for how to affix to the Left Foot and Right Foot. In Decentraland, open your backpack and select them. In Sandbox, they show up as Equipment that you can put on. Note each item has special gems and catalysts, which gives your avatar unique power-ups in games!
  • Why can't I buy directly on this website?
    Items like this transact on peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles. This ensures transactions are done properly on the blockchain. Each hyperlink on this site will take you to the corresponding Buy Now page on our OpenSea market store, the Decentraland wearables store, or the Sandbox marketplace.
  • I am on your OpenSea market page and do not see Cryptovoxels items for sale - what's up?
    For Cryptovoxels, we sell in Bundles, but OpenSea does not make that intuitive to see, as the default setting is Single items. Go to View All, then/or click Bundles in the dropdown menu. For Decentraland and Sandbox, the items are shown under Single listings. This is just because of how the different metaverses work.
  • I see NFTFootwear and TempelTuttle Profiles on Opensea.  Are you both?
    In short, yes. NFTFootwear.eth is the wallet where Cryptovoxels and Sandbox inventory is stored, among other things. TempelTuttle.eth is where Decentraland inventory is stored. Eventually these will get unified.
  • What is the deal with the Sandbox game?
    The Search for the Lost Sole is our Sandbox adventure game. You can visit our showroom, try on and use (almost) every pair of shoes during your quest. If you complete the quest and tweet a screenshot we will send you a prize. The prize is available while supplies last and will be airdropped to your wallet after The Sandbox platform migrates to Polygon. The shoes you use in the game do not stay in your wallet when you leave the game. However, you can find them for sale to keep through this website or directly on the Sandbox marketplace. You can access the game by downloading The Sandbox Game Maker here. The Sandbox is still in pre-alpha stage and they have not yet launched the Metaverse. Game play happens for now in their Game Maker. Eventually this game will be in-world.
  • Do you have any Legendary items?
    Sometimes. But not a lot.
  • I have another question - how do I contact you?
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