Proud to have 0 stores IRL, but plenty in metaverses.

Come see our flagship location in Substrata.  This requires an app download to get in-world - but it's worth it.  This location showcases the entirety of what we do.  Download the app at and look for us near the main square.

Screenshot 2021-12-27 210726.png

Located along the rim of Shoemaker Crater in The Sandbox, you can try on every pair in the showroom and go on an epic quest to find The Lost Sole.  Good luck!  Eventually this will be located in-world when Sandbox officially launches.  For now, to play, download The Sandbox Game Maker here.

The Sandbox Maker 12_13_2021 2_42_46 PM.png

Visit us at Decentraland about as close to Genesis Plaza as you can get:  just head due south to 5, -18.        (link works on browser, not mobile)

decentraland logo-01.png
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Located at VoxWalk in Vibes in Voxels, ground floor, among wearables shops from some of the most talented OG voxel artists.  VoxWalk will someday be known as an early pioneer in the future of retail.

wv grand opening.JPG

Visit our main showroom in Origin City in Voxels, located at 18 Stitch Road in Doom, just 252m from the center.

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Visit our pop-up store on the island of Poneke in Voxels, located at House of Decentricity, 3rd floor.

House of Decentricity.JPG

If you want a shopping experience to yourself amid great artwork, please visit our Gallery Space in Voxels.  The higher you go, the rarer the NFT.  This is our largest property and it's by itself with no neighbors.


Our first showroom on the Tezos blockchain, and quite possibly the first ever digital footwear showroom on Tezos, our property in tzland on plot #452 shows the footwear range available on Ethereum.  As soon as we can make shoes for Tezos avatars, they will be displayed here.

tz1and logo.png