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With extra height and zip-up for ease of access, this brown boot will have you prepared to tackle the elements.  Ignore the fact that there are none in this world yet.  Someday there will be rain and snow, and you will be ready.  A pair that includes separate wearables for both the left and right feet.


To Buy, visit our listing on OpenSea, the world's first and largest NFT marketplace:


Zip-Up Boot - Brown - VVAMP Footwear | OpenSea

Zip-Up Boot - Brown

Color: brown
  • Price 0.004 Ethereum.


    Purchasing this pair gets you (2) .vox model wearable NFTs - one for your avatar's left foot and one for the right foot.  The bundle will transfer into your digital wallet and your avatar can wear them in-world in Cryptovoxels.  

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